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Cruiser 20W-50 SF

Motor Oils

  • Description:

    Formulated for the performance of 4T motorcycles in all operating conditions. The extreme pressure additives guarantee gear protection throughout the year whilst extending engine and gear life. Suitable for street & road bikes, trails and off-road bikes.

  • Properties:
    • Excellent wear protection
    • High temperature protection
    • Seamless gear shifting
    • Outstanding wet clutch protection for maximum power transfer and smooth shifting
    • Anti-oxidation additives reduce oil viscosity breakdown to prevent engine clogging
    • Anti-friction to reduce abrasions within the engine
    • Excellent shear stability
  • Additional Information:
    Content 1L, 205L
    Viscosity 20W-50
    Meets or Exceeds API SF/CD
    Oil Type Synthetic
    Product Information & Datasheet Cruiser 20W-50 SF