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Valve & Injector Cleaner


  • Description:

    LUBPLUS Valve and Injector Cleaner improves engine performance and extends engine life significantly by cleaning the valves, injector nozzles and the inlet area without dismantling. Simply add to the fuel tank before filling up to remove any contamination in the petrol injection system. Recommended for all petrol engines.

    APPLICATION: Should be used every 6 months or as needed. Add directly to the fuel tank before filling up. Product works during operation. Suitable for 40 L up to 60 L of petrol. For larger tank volumes add 0.5 % of the fuel volume.

  • Properties:
    • Prevents rough engine running and power loss
    • Enhances ignition support
    • Reduces fuel consumption
    • Reduces exhaust gas emission
  • Additional Information:
    Content 300 ml
    Oil Type
    Product Information & Datasheet Valve & Injector Cleaner