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Bodro Racing 10W-60

Motor Oils

  • Description:

    Bodro Racing 10W-60 is a fully synthetic low friction motor oil, formulated to ensure smooth operation in extreme conditions for sporty drivers. The extreme viscosity offers maximum lubrication to enhance performance whilst keeping you safe. The optimal oil pressure keeps your engine well lubricated and minimizes wear during extreme and long-term loads on the engine.

  • Properties:
    • Specially formulated for sports cars
    • Particularly suited for modern injection and turbo engines with high power
    • Excellent fuel economy performance
    • Excellent wear performance technology
  • Additional Information:
    Content 1L, 4L, 20L, 205L
    Viscosity 10W-60
    Meets or Exceeds BMW Longlife-01
    Porsche A40
    VW 502 00
    VW 505 00
    GM LLB-025
    ACEA A3/B4
    Oil Type Fully Synthetic
    Product Information & Datasheet Bodro Racing 10W-60