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Galloper 15W-40

Motor Oils

  • Description:

    Galloper 15W-40 is a mineral oil suitable for aspirated and turbo charged diesel and gasoline engines. The innovative formula protects the engine from the day to day driving conditions whilst extending the engine life.

  • Properties:
    • Sludge build up prevention
    • Excellent wear performance technology
    • Excellent fuel economy performance
    • Very high resistance against Oxidation
  • Additional Information:
    Content 1L, 4L, 5L, 20L, 205L
    Viscosity 15W-40
    Meets or Exceeds MB 229.1
    VW 505 00
    ACEA A3/B2
    Oil Type Mineral-based
    Product Information & Datasheet Galloper 15W-40