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Galloper Plus 20W-50

Motor Oils

  • Description:

    Galloper Plus 20W-50 is a high-performance engine oil, suitable for gasoline and diesel engines for passenger cars and light vans with or without turbochargers. The cutting-edge additive package provides wear protection in cold starts, maintains high thermal properties, high resistance against corrosion and wear. Not suitable for diesel engines equipped with DPF.

  • Properties:
    • Very good low temperature properties
    • Protection to wear by cold start
    • Very high thermal- and oxidation stability
    • Excellent resistance against foaming, corrosion and wear
    • High dispersancy and detergency level
    • High viscosity index
  • Additional Information:
    Content 1L, 4L, 5L, 20L, 205L
    Viscosity 20W-50
    Meets or Exceeds MB 229.1
    MB 229.3
    Renault RN 0700
    Renault RN 0710
    VW 502 00
    VW 503 00
    ACEA C3/C2
    Oil Type Mineral-based
    Product Information & Datasheet Galloper Plus 20W-50