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Radiator coolant & anti-freeze 50% - Blue


  • Description:

    Raider coolant and antifreeze is a specially formulated ready to use engine coolant for the automobile engine. Outstanding performance will ensure with good quality mono ethylene glycol and selected chemical agents  with complete protection of radiators.

    Raider is a ready to use product and contains 50% concentrate. However, no further dilution is possible during filling. The system should be properly cleaned and all the rust  removed before applying the product. Try flushing with fresh water before filling the coolant inside

  • Properties:
    • Effective engine cooling without over heating
    • A clean cooling system with protection from sludge and scale deposits
    • Protection against corrosion of the alloy used in the cooling system
    • Protection against frost and electrolysis
    • Effective lubrication for water pumps
    • Compatible with all system seals
  • Additional Information:
    Content 1L, 4L, 205L
    Meets or Exceeds BS 6580 (1992) 2234-97 Class 2
    Product Information & Datasheet Radiator coolant & anti-freeze 50% - Blue