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Who We Are

Lubplus GmbH established in 2000 headquartered Baierbrunn is a German manufacturer and distributer of premium automotive, industrial, agricultural and marine lubricants, additives and care products worldwide. Allowing you to experience the highest German quality and best service at your home country. Dedication and passion are the two secret ingredients in the recipe of this brand.

The “Made in Germany” seal of quality emphasizes the true dedication, research and focus in every item with the Lubplus brand. Every product line uses the most advanced formulation and technology to ensure the highest quality and maximum usage for our customers, because here at Lubplus we believe that it’s our customers who make Lubplus so great and we also understand that two customers are not the same. 

An international skilled team of dedicated members can ensure all your related problems are solved promptly and efficiently here at Lubplus with extensive knowledge, a complete basket of goods and a problem-solving attitude. This is the secret behind our vast number of customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.. 
Striving for greatness is not a one day task but persistent dedication and hard work and here at Lubplus we do not rest. Because, The Best Never Rest.